Savannah_&_Zambique (1)

Savannah & Zambique

Savannah plays basketball, excels in her schoolwork, is a cheerleader, studies music and dance, is a pageant winner and enjoys hiking. She manages all of this from a wheelchair, facing health and social challenges that most of us can’t imagine.

Savannah could master her schoolwork, but she couldn’t pick up her dropped pencil. She could speak openly on stage in front of hundreds of people and a panel of judges about her most personal health challenges, but she couldn’t turn on a light switch.

Then came Zambique. Zambique picks up her dropped pencils and carries her backpack, all with a wagging tail. These are things Zambique was trained to do that Savannah’s friends can see and admire – but there’s much more to the support she gives Savannah.

Every night Savannah undergoes an hour-long medical procedure. Zambique lies next to her and focuses his presence and attention on Savannah, not the procedure. Every night Savannah goes through this procedure courageously and independently – but not alone. She has Zambique.

Zambique provides unconditional love and support. He is Savannah’s best friend.