Bridget & Willy

“Bridget and Willy are a perfect match,” shares Michael, Bridget’s dad. Bridget is quadriplegic and Willy is her Canine Companions assistance dog. “We knew that Willy would help her with picking up dropped items, but we didn’t realize he’d really become an extension of her,” says Michael.

Now, Bridget doesn’t always have to ask her parents or siblings for help with many physical tasks like picking up a dropped pencil that’s out of her reach or picking up other items, including clothing and toys.

And then there’s the unconditional love and support Willy provides. From greeting Bridget at the door with a whole body wag when she comes home from school to being there for her when she’s sad and needs a friend.

“The bond between Bridget and Willy is amazing. He knows when she’s sad and he’s right there with her,” explains Michael.

Bridget also understands that she can help Willy too and her proudest moments are when she takes care of him — from feeding him to taking him outside, and then thanking him for all he does for her.

Michael explains that thanks to Willy, “Bridget experiences new levels of pride and independence.”